How to Advertise Your Virginia Beach Rental Property Successfully


Keeping your occupancy rate high is a great way to become a successful rental property owner. This is because your property generates consistent cash flow when your rental property is occupied. But it won’t be occupied forever.

So, it is crucial that you keep your business profitable. As even if your rental property is vacant, your expenses and property upkeep still need to be paid consistently. So, to attract prospects, you need to put your property on the map using effective marketing.

To help you market your property in the most effective manner possible and avoid common marketing mistakes, we at Limehouse Property Management have put together the following article:

Why Using Marketing Strategy Is Important

When you advertise successfully, you gain a large pool of possible tenants. From here you can shortlist the prospects, and screen them to give you the best chance they lease your property to for the long term.

Having a long-term tenant means consistent cash flow that you can then use to pay for upkeep, as well as expenses associated with owning a rental property. Additionally, Having long-term renters can help you plan your next moves in the market. So, finding the right tenants is possible with excellent advertising and marketing strategies.

Tips for Advertising Your Rental Property

A truly outstanding advertisement pushes possible tenants to make the first move in communicating with you and what better way to do that than creating highly visible listings:


Stage Your Rental Property

You want your rental property to be appealing to your prospective renters. The goal is to get their attention and give a glimpse of what living in your house would be like.

Put items in their proper places and remove anything unnecessary out of the way. Make sure the lawn is manicured and the living areas are clean.

Get the Photographs Right

Photographs are critical to your advert, so you should use professional photography to catch your prospect’s interest. Three things that you need to consider are great camera, lights, and angles:

  • You need your photos to be clear and crisp. Using the right camera will help highlight the right objects and blur the rest.
  • Make sure that you use lights correctly, whether natural or not, when taking your photos. It will greatly impact the vibe you’d like to create when lights are not used appropriately.
  • Be mindful of your angles as well. One wrong angle and it could give the impression that the house is too crowded or the environment, artificial.

Make sure that the photos taken are natural, and clear and provide a holistic view of what it’s like living in your home and in the community it’s in.

Use the Right Words

Your photos and their descriptions are what glue your story together, so choosing the right keywords is critical to your online ranking. This can significantly improve your listings and make it easier for your future tenants to find your rental property.


Craft a Striking Headline

A compelling rental property headline includes the cost of rent, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, property type, location, and desirable features. It can be a challenge, but it contains relevant information that interested tenants need.

You will find what a good headline looks like below:

$1,501 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Cottage in Virginia Beach with an ocean-view deck

What follows the headline is a comprehensive description that allows your potential residents to envision themselves in your home. Appropriate copywriting can capture a prospect’s emotion and lets them visualize the property.

Write an Engaging Description

Let your rental property shine by highlighting its best parts, the amenities provided, and other details that could help your potential renters make an informed decision. This part of the copy should help them decide whether this is the home they have been looking for.

Your summary should also help in targeting the perfect tenants by including the limitations or restrictions in your property. For example, mentioning your pet policy will save both your time and your potential resident’s time.

Put yourself in their shoes and share all the necessary details that you’d like to know if you were the one seeking the perfect haven.


Post Your Ads Strategically

With today’s technology, you don’t need to print your ads and hand them out yourself. Having an online presence is a good place to start marketing your rental property. You can use different online marketing techniques and property listing platforms.

But you can still incorporate the traditional way of advertising. You can distribute your ads to different offline platforms, such as your local newspaper.