How To Keep Renters Happy

keep renters happy

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that your renters are happy and satisfied with their rental property. Keeping renters content involves providing a safe and comfortable living environment, being attentive to their needs and concerns, and quickly addressing any issues or maintenance requests that may arise. With the right strategies and approaches,…

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Tips to Keep Your Home (and Investment) Safe

As a landlord, you are responsible for providing your renters with a habitable home. Habitability includes the safety of your rental property. If you fail your responsibility, your tenant might choose to pursue legal options. These options include breaking their lease without penalty or suing you for damages in court.  When it comes to keeping…

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Pricing Your Virginia Beach Home to Rent

pricing rental home

When renting out your house or apartment unit, you must decide on an appropriate rental price. Finding the optimal rental price will entice potential tenants, while also providing enough cash flow to successfully run your property. When determining a rental price for your investment property, you must have a thorough understanding of the Virginia Beach…

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How to Maintain Your Rental Property

how to maintain rental

As a landlord, you are required to keep your rental home habitable for your tenants. You must perform specific tasks as outlined by the landlord-tenant law. To ensure that your rental is comfortable and livable, you must conduct regular property maintenance. In this post, we are going over all the landlord and tenant responsibilities under…

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Guide to Making a Solid Lease Agreement For Your Rental Property

lease agreement

Successful rentals have one thing in common: They have an effective lease agreement signed by a landlord and a tenant. This contract ensures that both parties are in mutual agreement on the conditions and terms presented in the legal document. It’s also useful as a guide for property policies, conditions, responsibilities, and rights. In this…

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6 Best Renovations for Your Rental Property

renovations for rental

Making rental property improvements may mean shelling out money, but as a landlord, improving your property means increase its value. This leads to high and consistent earnings. If you never do renovations, you can expect more vacancies. Also, having an attractive and upgraded rental unit will gain the loyalty of your renters. They’ll want to…

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What Exactly is “Normal Wear and Tear”?

normal wear and tear

Normal wear and tear is likely a term you’ve come across as a property owner. Wear and tear is the normal depreciation of the property. It’s is different from excessive property damage. Excessive property damage is caused by negligent tenants, while wear and tear is natural and not the tenant’s fault. In this article, we…

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Pros And Cons Of Renting to Tenants With Pets

Having a rental property comes with many decisions. With the increased popularity of pet-friendly rentals, many landlords are considering welcoming pets into their rental properties. Having a pet friendly policy can provide great advantages when it comes to maximizing your income. Yet, there are certain drawbacks that come with making this decision. For you to…

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