A Guide to the Eviction Process in Virginia Beach VA

No landlord wants to evict a tenant. The process can be costly, stressful, and tedious. On the other hand, no landlord wants to rent to a tenant that is disrespectful, won’t pay rent, and won’t care for the unit, among other things.  In the end, you may be left with no other option than to…

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Virginia Security Deposit Laws

Virginia security deposit Laws

As a property owner, you can understand that renting out a property comes with its own fair share of risks. For example, a tenant may cause negligent property damage to your Virginia rental and have to be evicted or move out without clearing their utility bills.   Virginia does not require property owners to ask for…

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Virginia Rental Laws – An Overview of Landlord Tenant Rights in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VA Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlords and tenants in Virginia must abide by the Virginia landlord-tenant law. The statewide Virginia rental laws outline the most essential details of this relationship, from security deposits to each party’s rights and responsibilities. If you’re just getting started as a landlord in Virginia or simply want to learn more, here’s everything you need to…

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