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Together with Virginia Beach, VA and Chesapeake, Norfolk, VA is one of the major focal points in the Hampton Roads area of Coastal Virginia. This large city is perhaps best known for its association with the US Military; Naval Station Norfolk is located here and has the unique distinction of being the largest navy base in the world. Due to the city's position against the Atlantic Ocean and its strong ground links to other communities in the area, Norfolk, VA is also home to many large transport companies and shipping facilities. All of these help to contribute to the strong local economy, making the city a popular destination for workers across numerous industries.

Living in Norfolk, VA

Much like its neighbor cities, the Norfolk area has undergone a number of mergers with smaller communities and unincorporated towns over the years. This has helped create the diversity of its neighborhoods, which include destinations like Fairmount Park, Ghent, and Ocean View. Strong local school systems and plentiful amenities help further contribute to the appeal of this vibrant, modern city.

Investing in Norfolk Rental Homes

With so many military families constantly arriving and departing, an extremely popular housing option for local residents is to rent. Of course, the military isn't the only source of tenants for investment property owners. Many local retirees, students, and young working professionals also opt to rent properties. Purchasing a property to generate income from rent is a common practice of local investors looking to capitalize on the strong housing demand in the area. Some Norfolk rental property owners also choose to rent out their own properties if they leave, rather than putting the home on the market.

Regardless of your specific situation, working with a property management company is a simple way to ensure your investment property receives the best possible care and stays in great shape for years to come.

Partner with Limehouse Property Management

From marketing your rental properties and finding great Norfolk tenants to handling all of your maintenance, billing, and other administrative services, the team at Limehouse Property Management offers experience and expertise, providing property management services for your real estate investment as your property manager.

As a property owner, learn how our services can help you manage your property and meet your financial goals today, just as we've helped countless rental property owners before; schedule a free consultation to learn more: (757) 986-0526

Discover Our Property Management Services

We provide full service property management services for your Virginia Beach, VA rental home.

Property Marketing

Your rental home is an investment that only pays off when you have steady renters occupying it. If you have any vacant units, you won’t be generating a positive cash flow.

As your property manager, Limehouse Property Management uses many marketing techniques to get your Virginia Beach rental filled quickly.

We take the best high-resolution photos and videos. Then, we post them to multiple popular listing sites to attract tons of interest.

We also use traditional marketing methods to gather a sizable pool of prospects.




Norfolk tenants appreciate when they live in rental unit that is well maintained. That's why maintenance is crucial.

This often means that the tenants will be encouraged to renew their lease.

At Limehouse Property Management, we are alert to all Norfolk property maintenance issues. We immediately arrange for repairs to prevent tenants from experiencing inconvenience.

HVAC systems, appliances and the interior and exterior of the unit will always be cared for and kept in a superb state.

Overall, we handle all maintenance and repairs for you!

Tenant Screening

Screening potential tenants requires a lot of time. Doing a mediocre job at tenant screening can only hamper your rental operations in the future. You want to avoid dealing with problematic prospective tenants.

We make screening potential Virginia Beach tenants a priority. We ask the following questions:

  • Does the tenant have a good credit score?
  • What’s the tenant’s history in past rental properties?
  • Does the tenant make at least 3x the rent rate?
  • Are there any eviction and criminal records?

In doing so, we typically find good-quality Virginia Beach tenants.

Property Inspections

Our team of professional property managers schedule periodic inspections for your Norfolk property.

These visits allow us to check what's taking place behind the scenes & keep you protected.

If we find minor issues in our inspection, we fix them immediately. This ensures that no minor issues ever become major and costly.

We also conduct move in and move out inspections on our properties.

Rent Collection

Not receiving rental payments on time from a tenant can be frustrating. As a self-managing Virginia Beach landlord, you might also feel embarrassed to act in an assertive manner. However, your rental business can suffer largely if you're unable to collect rent. To counter this issue, you can assign a property manager on our team as a representative to collect on your behalf.

Limehouse Property Management has the tech tools to make sure you can collect rent on time, every time.

We also enforce the lease agreement firmly. If payment delays occur, we send a notice and handle the follow-ups for you.

Rent collection has never been so simple!

Financial Reporting

Our company will monitor your rental property's financial performance.

We generate monthly statements and put everything inside your account portal for convenient access.

This means you can access all your financial reports 24/7 from wherever you are!

Why Choose Limehouse Property Management?

Partner with a Virginia Beach property management company that puts your needs first

We Know Virginia Housing Law Inside & Out

If you ignore one of the many fair housing regulations or insurance requirements for your Virginia Beach investment property, you could find yourself in serious trouble. Breathe easier when working with the local property managers at Limehouse Property Management. Our services will keep you in legal compliance.

Powerful Technology Keeps Us Connected

Limehouse Property Management services use innovative technology solutions like digital rental property listings and online payment & repair requests. These tools are not only convenient for our renters and clients, but they help us stay efficient and get your concerns resolved faster.

Our Company Is Trustworthy and Competent

Choosing a Virginia Beach property management company to handle your real estate investment is no small decision. At Limehouse Property Management, our rental property managers are committed to earning your trust and keeping it. We always prioritize transparency with our clients.

No Other Company Knows Coastal Virginia Better

When it comes to the local rental market, you won't find a more knowledgeable, experienced property management firm. At Limehouse Property Management, we know how to get you great results and we never stop working to deliver outstanding services to you.

Don't settle for other property management companies. At Limehouse, we know the local Norfolk real estate market and are experts in the property management industry. If you need professionals to handle your rental properties, give us a call today.

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“We have been using Limehouse Property Management for 3 years. Jason and his team are knowledgeable and all around easy to work with. If you are looking for a great local property management company or to buy, sell, or rent, look no further. You will not be disappointed!”

Aaron Gray

— Aaron Gray

“Jason is bright and responsive. He approaches situations the same way I would so it's not like having a different person handling my business; it's someone else doing the same way I would. That is a great gift.”

Harvey Woods

— Harvey Woods,

“Great people!!! They take care of everything I need. Really take the worry away from me.”

Mike Edwards

— Mike Edwards

“Jason is a class act all the way. He is someone I would happily do business with. You will be impressed with his level of knowledge of our industry, his level of professionalism and his service to his clients. Highly respected and recommended.”

Kisha Prisinzano

— Kisha Prisinzano

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We provide property management in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk, as well as the surrounding communities. Our team of experienced real estate experts has seen and handled it all, and we can appropriately address your biggest concerns. Whether you own one rental home and are tired of managing things solo or you need a partner for a large portfolio, we are ready to help you realize your full earning potential.

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