How to Be a Long-Distance Landlord


Investing in real estate is a reliable method to build wealth. However, not all of the best investment opportunities are located in your area. Many landlords choose to invest in properties that are located far from their town or city, sometimes even outside their state. 

This strategy, known as being a long-distance landlord, can help you expand your portfolio beyond your local area. To be a successful long-distance landlord, you can follow these essential tips.

Choose the Right Location

As a long-distance landlord, selecting the right location is very crucial. You should start by identifying cities or states that are known for their stability, growth and demand for rental properties.

Consider various factors such as job opportunities, population growth and economic stability. Additionally, online resources and local real estate forums can help you gain insight into potential investment areas.

Gain Local Market Knowledge

Even though you’re investing from afar, it’s important to acquire an in-depth understanding of the local real estate market. This means keeping an eye on property values, rental rates and vacancy rates. 

Leverage Technology

Technology is your greatest advantage as a long-distance landlord. You can invest in property management software and apps in order to manage your rental properties remotely. 


These tools can assist with rent collection, maintenance requests and financial tracking. Moreover, consider installing smart home devices like keyless locks and security cameras to enhance security and streamline tenant communication.

Conduct Thorough Tenant Screening

Screening tenants carefully is crucial for you to end up with reliable tenants. You should implement a thorough tenant screening process including background checks, credit checks, rental history and income verification. Previous landlord references also provide valuable insights into a potential tenant’s reliability.

Maintain Effective Communication

Clear communication is crucial in long-distance landlord-tenant relationships. You must establish communication channels such as email, phone and online portals so that the tenants can reach you easily. 

Also, it is essential to be responsive to their inquiries and concerns to nurture a positive  tenant-landlord relationship.

Visit the Property Periodically

While you may not visit your properties regularly, scheduling occasional visits is advisable. Consider hiring a property manager, such as Limehouse Property Management, to do this for you if you are unable to show up in person yourself. This allows you to inspect the condition of the property, address any maintenance issues and communicate with your tenants.

Network with Local Professionals

Building a network of reliable local professionals is essential to be a successful long-distance landlord. Hiring a competent local property manager can help you handle the day-to-day operations of your rental business including tenant screening, maintenance and rent collection, allowing you to focus on expanding your portfolio.

Create Emergency Plans

Prepare for emergencies by having a reliable local contact and investing in insurance coverages to address issues like plumbing leaks, electrical problems and mitigate risks from natural disasters. 


Maintain Legal Compliance

You should stay informed about local landlord-tenant laws and regulations in the areas where you own a rental property. You should ensure that your lease agreements align with your state and local laws.

Create a Long-Term Vision

Real estate is an investment that appreciates over time. To be a successful long-distance landlord, you must have a long-term perspective and a clear investment strategy that aligns with your financial goals.

Scale Gradually

To begin your journey as a long-distance landlord, you should start with one or two properties to gain experience and confidence. Once you build a network and become at ease with the process, you can consider expanding your portfolio.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Property Manager

One of the most significant challenges for long-distance landlords is managing operations like addressing maintenance issues. By hiring a professional property manager you can efficiently manage your remote investment property. 

Here’s why hiring a property manager is essential:

  • Local Expertise: Property managers have knowledge of the local real estate market, rental rates, and tenant expectations, providing valuable insights into setting competitive rents and attracting high-quality tenants.
  • Tenant Screening: Property managers are experts in conducting background checks, verifying rental histories of potential renters. This exercise helps you choose reliable tenants for your property.
  • Emergency Response: In case of emergencies or tenant issues, property managers can respond promptly, ensuring the safety of tenants and your property. They have a network of trusted local contractors who can address issues efficiently.
  • Tenant Relations: Property managers act as intermediaries, addressing tenant concerns, ensuring tenants are satisfied with their living conditions, and preventing holdover tenants
  • Legal Compliance: Property managers can help you navigate the legal complexities of real estate, ensuring that your lease agreements adhere to the local laws.
  • Time and Stress Management: Outsourcing property management to professionals allows you to focus on the other aspects of your real estate investment such as portfolio growth and financial planning.
  • Inspections and Maintenance: They conduct regular property inspections, making sure your property remains in a good condition. They also coordinate and oversee maintenance and repairs as needed, protecting your property’s value.
  • Cost Efficiency: While property management services come at a cost, they can often save you money in the long run by preventing costly mistakes and vacancies, maximizing your property’s rental income.


Being a long-distance landlord can be a rewarding venture for those willing to invest time and thorough preparation. Although there are challenges, with the right approach, you can successfully invest in real estate away from your city or state. 

When hiring a property manager for your long-distance real estate investments, it’s essential to conduct thorough research of the services the property management companies offer . If you’re seeking professional property management services, our team at Limehouse Property Management can help. Call us today to know how we can help optimize your investment!